Cyber Security Solutions 

Security breaches happen every day.  Most headlines would lead you to assume that major commercial organisations, such as Optus, Telstra, or LastPass, are the most vulnerable.  However, studies have revealed that it is small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) that are suffering the most. In fact, SMBs account for 62% of all cyberattack victims. Small companies are especially vulnerable because they may lack the tools to defend themselves or feel they would never be a target. However, they are mistaken.

Criminals want your data

Your company’s data — employee details, customer files, financial files, and so on — are extremely valuable on the black market. Human mistake, spearfishing schemes, and social engineering scams are all examples of data breaches. The costs of these breaches can run into the millions of dollars in legal fees, settlements, lost business, reputation damage, and other expenses.

Lasar Computers offers a complete layered approach to network security and actively works to assist businesses in reducing their potential for attack. To safeguard your business, our solution matrix unifies numerous vendor security levels and definitions. By scanning for vulnerabilities, screening network and web traffic, recognising system changes, leveraging encrypted systems, and responding to alert systems of potential assaults, our network solutions assist to prevent intrusions and threats. The key to strong security is a preventative attitude and layered strategy, as well as effective frequent monitoring, notifications, and user training of new frauds and dangers.

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