Managed IT 

Lasar Computers focuses on providing fixed fee, individualised managed IT services and consulting solutions that are intended to decrease risks, enhance processes, reduce stress, stabilise networks, and safeguard your technology.  This allows you to concentrate on your business rather than the headaches and diversions of technology.

We are here to help you, whether you require a fully managed IT services provider, a local cloud service provider, or you have an in-house IT team that occasionally needs help with projects, strategy, or ideas.

Managed IT Full

Working with us is like having your own virtual IT department.

Lasar Computers' Platinum Managed Services

Our Platinum Managed IT Services Plan is the solution if you lack the time, the necessary skill sets, or if you just don’t want the responsibility of managing IT staff.  For a small fraction of the cost of hiring an IT employee, it’s like having your own virtual technology department.

By investing in a Platinum Managed IT Services plan, we make it easier than ever to understand, budget for, and manage your monthly IT needs. In addition to a vast list of capabilities, each plan provides expert-level advising services, training, consulting, break-fix, and everything else that would be provided by in-house IT.

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