Data Recovery

Have you lost precious family photos after a computer failure or hard drive malfunction? Does your computer no longer turn on or boot and you’ve lost access to your data? Are you stressed because you can’t find the valuable work documents you’ve spent hours creating? Has your device crashed without a backup? Have your backups failed, and you’re at a total loss of what to do next?

The most common problems that we see are hard drives with bad sectors/read errors and file system/partition corruption.

Here at Lasar we have a greater than 90+% chance of recovering your data.

Hard Drive Recovery

One of the more common issues we face is that the computer no longer starts up or is very slow and has trouble accessing files.

This is usually caused by “bad blocks” (which are just imperfections on the hard drive) forming. When trying to read data from these areas on the hard drive the computer needs to do so multiple times which significantly slows down the speed.

We can usually clone the existing drive to a brand new one with usually more than 99.9% of the files intact.

Dead Computer

Don’t despair if your computer, laptop or Mac looks like it is dead or doesn’t boot into the Operating System. It is still likely that data recovery is possible and that we can retrieve your valuable files and invaluable family photographs. This even applied to severe cases of physical damage.

If your hard disk is unstable we will endeavour to successfully recover your data and transfer your files, music, photos etc for you onto your new computer. We could also provide them to you on an external hard disk.

Smashed Computer

Deleted Files

Have you accidentally deleted a file that you now need? Depending on your computer hardware when you delete a file it is not actually removed from the hard disk; the space the file is using is simply shown as free for re-use.

Using our advanced recovery software, we scan the hard drive and find deleted files and get these recovered. It is important that if this is your scenario that you stop using the computer as soon as possible to reduce the likelihood that the file is overwritten.

Advanced Forensic Recovery

For severe physical problems such as a damaged head, hard drive motor, or damaged PCB board we work with one of Australia’s premier data recovery providers Payam.

If your hard drive is making a clicking/ticking/beeping sound, it’s very likely that your hard drive has internal damage to the heads or motor. This is a very common problem, and one in they specialise in.

If going down this route we will continue to handle the issue for you. Payam will provide a free quote and you can then decide how to move forward from there.

Hard Drive Internals

Signs you may suffer imminent Data Loss

• Your computer takes more than 5 minutes to start up.

• Applications and documents take a long time to load.

• The Mac spinning rainbow wheel keeps spinning.

• Your computer makes a ticking or scratching noise.

• Your computer has slowed down considerably over the last few months.

• You often get blue screen errors (BSOD) on your PC.

• Important files and documents are missing or corrupted.

What to do to prevent further Data Loss

If you suspect your computer has a faulty hard drive, carefully follow these rules:

• Shut down your computer and unplug it from the wall. Do not continue to use the computer.

• DON’T use free data recovery software available on the internet. These usually do more harm than good.

• DON’T reformat your computer or reinstall the operating system.

• DON’T restore a backup or use an auto-repair program.

Keeping Safe in Future

Once we’ve recovered your data we will speak to you about setting up an automatic backup process.

This will ensure that even in a worst case scenario in future you will have another copy of your data to go back to.

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