Computer Insurance Claim Report​

Insurance companies can be difficult to deal with but we assist to make the process easy. Usually the insurer will ask you to obtain a computer insurance report. More often than not the insurer will reimburse you for the cost of this report.

Insurance Reports

We charge a flat fee of $149 to provide you with a thorough inspection and claim report that provides all the necessary information that your insurer will need in order to process your insurance claim.

We usually prepare claims on the basis of damage cause by:

• Water ingress damage (e.g. liquid spilled on the device).

• Impact Damage from dropping (e.g.cracked screen).

• Power Surges.

• Malicious damage.

• Accidental damage.

Your insurance policy will detail the type of claim you are covered for.

Broken Computer

Cracked LCD screen. This usually happens when too much pressure has been aplied to the lid or items have been left on the keyboard when closing it.

Insurance Report Process

If you do need us to generate an insurance report, here’s the process you can expect.

The first thing we do is to thoroughly look at your device. We establish how it is broken, what and needs fixing and how much this would cost.

We will provide you with a PC or laptop damage report that clearly states the likely cause of the damage sustained and resulting component failure, etc. Each component that has sustained damage (and identified as requiring replacement) will be itemised. The estimated cost of replacement of each component together with the estimated cost of labour required to complete this repair work will also be clearly stated in the laptop damage insurance report.

The total estimated cost of repair, along with the availability of replacement parts and time for completion, will determine whether we recommend to your insurer that your computer is repaired or replaced.

Where it is not economically viable to repair the equipment, we quote for an equivalent new replacement

Recovering Data on a Damaged Computer

It is often possible for us to recover the data from a damaged machine. Please advise us when checking this in.

If you are getting a new computer from us with a Gold Carepack then this is covered in that cost. Alternatively it can be done as a separate job.

Blown PSU

Blown Power Supply. Usually the result of power surges.

Insurance Claims for Other Computer Equipment

Depending on the nature of the damage sustained, particularly in the case of a power surge/ lightning strike or water damage, you may have sustained damage to more than one device, not just your laptop, Mac or PC.

It may be an external monitor, printer, NAS or external hard drive, or modem/ router that is part of the same claim If this is the case, we will undertake a comprehensive testing process for these additional devices and include them in your insurance report. We will negotiate a fee proportional to the work required.

We cover mainly the areas around Mandurah, Rockingham, Pinjarra, Waroona, Serpentine, Byford and surrounds.

However if you send us your equipment we can provide reports from anywhere in Australia.

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