Fix or Install Windows and Mac OS

Has your PC crashed during an update? Does your computer suffer from the blue screen of death? Struggling to update to Windows 11? We can help.

Windows Operating System Installations and Repairs

We have extensive experience with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and Windows 11. We know to for fix all operating system related error, what do if your machine won’t boot, how to cure the dreaded Blue Screen of Death (BSOD), recover data and fix activation problems.

Windows Blue Screen

Windows Operating System playing up? Let us help!

Want Windows 11 for free? Let us assist!

Windows 11 is the latest incarnation of Microsoft’s Operating System and is well worth an upgrade. Currently this upgrade is completely free of software licensing costs.

There are some issues which prevent an easy upgrade. Our expert technical team makes it easy for you and saves you the headache and aggravation. Further we can upgrade a significant number of modern PC systems which would otherwise fail the upgrade process because they don’t meet the System Requirement Checker Program.

Windows 11

Want Windows 11 for free? Let us assist!

Whatever your operating system error, we can use specialist tools to repair your software, and recover your data. We ensure that you don’t lose your valuable data when your computer doesn’t boot anymore.

Giving your old Computer away?

If you have an old computer you want to give away we can do a secure wipe and reinstall. The beneficiary of you machine will get a completely clean installation of Windows (or Mac OS) and you can be sure that your data was securely destroyed.

Apple Mac Operating Installs and Repairs

Struggling to get your Mac computer up and running the latest version of Mac OS Monterey or Big Sur? You’re not alone.

We often get calls from Mac users struggling with getting their new OSX Installers to download, erroring out during installation, or freezing during the upgrade process.

In addition to the above operating system errors, our experienced Mac Technicians can assist with a whole range of Apple Mac problems..

Mac OS

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