Laptop / Notebook Repairs

Look for Laptop / Notebooks repairs in Mandurah? At Lasar Computers can diagnose and fix your laptop problems fast.

Is your laptop or notebook slow or unreliable? Do you experience freezing or crashing? Is it not charging or is the screen cracked? Our experience technicians work with laptops every day and are expert at diagnosis and repair.

Broken Laptop

Common Laptop Issues

  • LCD Display Panel: It’s quite easy to crack an LCD panel. Fortunately, in most cases the cost of replacement is very reasonable and quick.

  • DC Jack: You’ll notice that the laptop is not charging unless the charging cable is held at a certain angle. In that case we can expertly replace or re-solder the DC jack to the motherboard.

  • Laptop Keyboard Replacement: Notice that some keys are not working or missing? We can replace the keyboard panel with a new one from the manufacturer.

  • Laptop Cracked Hinges or Panels: Laptop hinges often break due to the repetitive nature of opening and closing the device. If too much force is applied the hinge may become loose, snap, or crack. We can install replacement hinges to bring things back to a new condition. Sometimes laptop panels get scratched or damaged. We can source a full range to restore the laptop to a new looking device.

  • Battery Replacement: If you find that the battery is not providing a useful life anymore we can source a complete range of batteries to restore this to the original run time.

  • AC Power Replacement: We carry a full range of AC Adaptors in store to replace the existing one.

  • Water Damage: We can assist with recovery and repairs to liquid damage. Importantly if you spill any liquid on the device turn it off immediately and if possible, remove the battery. DO NOT turn the device back on.

  • Windows Issues / BSOD: If the laptop says “Error Loading Operating System” or get the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) we can identify and fix the problem.

  • Laptop Data recovery: If the machine no longer turns on. or has suffered severe physical damage we can perform data recovery to get your important data out.

What Laptop Brands does Lasar Service?

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Do you do Warranty Repairs?

We are an authorised warranty centre for Toshiba and also Australia’s Largest PC Supplier Leader Computers.

As some PC manufacturers are less than easy to deal with we can assist with warranty claims for all major brands even if you did not purchase the computer from us.

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Don’t hesitate to get in touch! No problem is too small or too large for our IT crew. Our technicians remove the ‘geek speak’ and talk to you in plain English so that nobody is left behind.

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